Why Hire a Wedding Planner

Certified Wedding Planner / Consultant:
​♥ Certified Wedding planner provides a higher level of comfort for everyone. She is able to recommend the right professionals for you. Professionals enjoy working with other professionals.
♥ Wedding planner is trained to handle difficult scenarios and unexpected occurrences at weddings;
♥ The right planner is familiar with the latest trends and have the best resources;
♥ She knows the best locations and services for each couple’s particular needs;
♥ Wedding planner has access to exclusive locations that couples would otherwise never hear about;
♥ She can recommend the right wedding professionals for all aspects of the wedding;
♥ She is trained to help create a budget, keep expenses within that budget, and protect couples from making costly mistakes;
♥ She will save couples time in researching options. She already knows what works best and why.



Dreamcatcher Events performs the following with wrap-up and Day of Wedding Coordination :

  • ♥  Help with selection of any vendors not yet contracted—make referrals/suggestions, go to site if couple wants, review contracts, negotiate if needed
  • ♥  Review the invitation draft and all components of the invitation, direction card, a program and menu card, if applicable
  • ♥  Draft  a list of questions that need answers at a meeting a few weeks prior to the wedding
  • ♥  Draft a timeline for the entire day and once approved, provide copies to all vendors
  • ♥  Advise vendors on setup requirements, load ins, power needs, meals (let them know when they will sit to eat), etc.
  • ♥ Develop a floor plan, if needed
  • ♥ Inform you of all deposits, payment schedules, and take care of delivering final checks to appropriate vendors that day
  • ♥  Provide a checklist of all the items needed at the church and/or reception
  • ♥ Supervise the rehearsal, giving instruction to attendants, ushers, their position, etc.  This brings a greater calm on ‘the day’
  • ♥ Provide an emergency kit, personal items in a basket for ladies’ bathroom
  • ♥ On the wedding day, pin on all boutonnieres, any corsages
  • ♥ Light any candles that need lighting
  • ♥ Set out seating cards in an attractive pattern; set up guest book, engagement photo or comparable display
  • ♥ Cross check tables, making sure they are set for the proper number of guests
  • ♥ Set out place cards, as needed
  • ♥ Set out table numbers or comparable display
  • ♥ Take care of putting out favors, cameras, etc.
  • ♥ Do everything in my power to start the wedding on time
  • ♥ Monitor the timeline throughout the event—time for toast etc.
  • ♥ Check to make sure appropriate person has the ring(s)
  • ♥ Organize the bridal procession, having each person in the proper order
  • ♥ Make sure that beverages are served promptly upon arrival of guests at reception; that the ordered appetizers are passed, and spot problems and make corrections (this is transparent to client)
  • ♥ Make sure that the needs of all the vendors are met and that they are made familiar with the facility
  • ♥ Go over the timeline with each vendor to see if there are questions about timing, duties etc.
  • ♥ Organize the bride, groom and/or wedding party if they are to be introduced into room
  • ♥ Work directly with facility manager, catering manager to coordinate timing of dinner
  • ♥ Announce dinner seating (may take several rounds) and Assist guests in finding their table
  • ♥ Make sure microphones are in order, if needed
  • ♥ Pay close attention to the bride & groom and parents needs
  • ♥ Make sure everything about the first dance and cake cutting is organized
  • ♥ Take care of gifts/cards that may come to the reception
  • ♥ Readjust table seating if guests are a ‘no show’ so that everyone has a person next to them to visit with—no empty seats
  • ♥ Constantly keep an eye open to the entire event, spotting potential problems, dealing with such things as an unexpected guest(s), misplaced seating cards, etc.
  • ♥ Collect such items as the toasting glasses, cake knife, gifts, etc. and have them boxed and ready for the family to take home
  • ♥ Ensure that the bride/groom and parents relax and enjoy the day with their family and guests

I stay calm and keep a positive attitude which is contagious!