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Reader’s Digest –  Mason Jar Uses


Ann gave some great ideas to Reader’s Digest how to use mason jars for social events and wedding decoration.

“Tie a lavish bow of wide wired ribbon in bright colors around the neck of the jar, add a candle as large as the mason jar will hold in a color to match the ribbon,” says Ann Saavedra of Dreamcatcher Events in the San Francisco Bay area. Placing a series of these mason jars on the mantle or down the center of a table—about three to six spaced four inches apart—will be festive and make a statement. “Additionally, I would cut a few branches from the yard and lay them in between the mason jars. For a final touch, throw a few sparkles or glitter on the branches and the candles will ‘catch’ the light,” says Saavedra.

Reader’s Digest


Chicago Tribune – Throw a summer solstice party with these tips

Ann Saavedra, owner of Dreamcatcher Events in Walnut Creek, Calif., suggested a casual and fun festival big on color and lights.

“You want to have a wow element. The wow element can be lots of outdoor lights, lots of color. The colors that come to mind to me would be bright pinks, yellows and golds — really bright colors,” Saavedra said.

For her party, she suggested activities that let people use natural materials to get in touch with their creative side. For a lighthearted theme, people can decorate summer hats and then wear them at the party. To celebrate nature, she suggested placing leafy greens cut small and flowers on a table to make wreathes held together by wire, or to decorate wicker spheres.

“People love to do things with their hands. They like to get creative. You give them something like that, and you can’t go wrong,” she said.

To pick up color, she suggested using colored linens or at least colored napkins to be served with hors d’oeuvres, which are inexpensive ways to brighten up the party. Plates in shapes like shells or other natural items accent the earthy theme, Saavedra added.

To celebrate solstice’s ancient origins, she suggested having a toast with mead, the honey-based liquor, as the sun goes down.

As the day ends, that’s when hosts can amp up the lights. This is a good time to light votive candles and use mirrors to reflect the light. Tiki torches and fire pits are good choices, but so are lighted ice cubes in drinks, lighted sticks to put in flower arrangements and string lights in trees.

“You definitely want to create energy that goes way into the night,” she said.

Chicago Tribune

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